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the mindfulness collaborative

customized nature retreats and mindfulness classes

We are now scheduling a limited number of groups for  Winter 2022 and Spring 2023. Please contact us soon if you are interested in a class or retreat for your group.  We hope to have classes for individuals to sign up for starting in a couple months. Thank you for your patience!


Nature Retreats

Research shows that spending time in nature can decrease stress and improve your health, resulting in improved productivity, creativity and relationships. We use nature-based mindfulness practices to cultivate awareness while connecting deeply with the natural world. Participants in our day-long retreats experience the power of disconnecting from devices and connecting with the outdoors and each other. Our retreats can be customized in length, size of group, time and/or location to best meet the needs of your specific group. We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area but will travel upon request.

Mindfulness Classes

Mindfulness practices have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus and creativity and improve communication and relationships.  Our courses teach mindfulness in a clear and accessible way, allowing participants to develop a basic understanding of the principles and how to apply mindfulness practices to their daily lives. We offer both introductory classes and on-going support to groups of all sizes. Classes are tailored to fit the needs of your group and can be scheduled on a day-long, evening or weekly basis at a location of your choice. We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area but will travel upon request.


Why Mindfulness in Nature?

In this busy digital age we are often distracted and disconnected from the world around us. We increasingly find ourselves indoors in our homes, jobs or cars. Spending time in the natural world can bring a sense of peace, perspective and a deeper connection with life in all its forms. Being in nature in a contemplative way allows mindfulness to develop naturally, providing the perfect canvas for exploring our mind and our relationship with the world. Whether in wild open spaces or our own communities, nature is always available to remind us to pay attention and be present.


About Us

We are a collaboration of professional mindfulness teachers based in the San Francisco Bay Area, trained by the Mindfulness Training Institute, Mark Coleman's Awake in the Wild teacher training, and fully certified by the International Mindfulness Teacher's association (IMTA).

We specialize in mindfulness based nature practices and are particularly passionate about providing opportunities for people to disconnect from their devices and reconnect to themselves and the natural world around them. Our inspiration is rooted in our own experience using mindfulness and nature based practices and the growth we've seen in ourselves and our students.


Words from past participants

"What a great day - really got me in a space to make change for myself"

"I thought this retreat was really helpful, not only for work, but for other areas of life."

"The teacher was great - very thoughtful and kind. I am really glad I participated!"

"The teacher did a great job being very informative and patient with the group. I believe everyone took something away to apply in everyday life."

"I learned to slow down and be present in the moment, and to react to thoughts without judgement."

"I learned that mindfulness can be as simple as acknowledging the wind on your face."

"Peacefulness. Compassion. Respite. Silence. Scenery."

"Today was a great reminder to get back to being myself."

"A great opportunity to turn my mind off and to relax my body."

"The most useful part for me was disconnecting, being present, getting grounded, quieting the mind."

"Such a wonderful experience. Teacher was amazing!"

"I really enjoyed it and found lots of thought-provoking experiences to share with my family."

"Being outside allowed me to the time appreciate the land and air we breath."

"Great experience. Caring, knowledgeable teacher."

"I learned that taking time to be with myself is not wasting time."

The Mindfulness Collaborative strives to make connection in nature available to everyone, regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin or disability status.

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